meroko26 (meroko26) wrote in tiger_and_bunny,

Not a Second Season But New Stuff

In celebration of the 5th Tiger & Bunny anniversary this weekend (and yes, it really has been that long!) Sunrise have announced a blu-ray box set release of the series. This will include:

-The 1-9 drama CDs, that was released with each individual blu-ray volume in Japan. There will also be a newly written Drama CD and talk with this release.

-All the Monthly Heroes publications; a collection of interviews, PVs and CMs.

-The side Bunny and side Tiger specials that were released separately with the commentary DVDs.

-This will also include the English dub as an optional audio track.

This will be released in Japan on the 26th October at ¥30,000.

Check it out here.
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