Hasegawa Vega (hasegawa_vega) wrote in tiger_and_bunny,
Hasegawa Vega

Selling Tiger & Bunny Half-Age vol.1 figures

Selling Tiger & Bunny Half-Age vol.1 figures!

Since I wanted only Kotetsu, Barnaby and Nathan, I'm selling the rest of the batch - two Ivans and one Karina.

Ivan - $10
Karina - $10

1) Ivan - $10

2) Ivan with a shuriken (extra version) - $10 - SOLD

3) Karina - $10

All figures are brand new and sealed. The boxes they came in, however, are opened to determine the contents.

Payment - PayPal only
Shipping (non-registered, no tracking number) - from $5.60 to $7.50
Shipping (registered, tracking number) - from $7.50 to $10

If interested - leave a comment, with your country included and the preferred shipping option. I'll give you the total price and PM you. Full shipping addresses and PayPal addresses via PM only.

Tags: misc: selling
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