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Tiger & Bunny stage play - it is reality.

Ozaki-san just announced on Twitter that Tiger & Bunny will be turned into a stage play. Apparently it will be more like a live sentai than a musical or normal play, at least according to what Ozaki-san said. I guess we saw a glimpse of it during the Hero Awards..

They also updated the official website accordingly.

Here's the link to the "live" project:

I translated all that Ozaki-san said on Twitter about this:

Regarding the stage adaptation of "TIGER & BUNNY": a new NEXT PROJECT was announced on "Monthly De*But" and "Hyper Hobby", both released today: "TIGER & BUNNY THE LIVE"!
Since a few years ago I've felt that the "live feeling" suits T&B. What I want to create with JAE-san is neither a musical nor a play, more like a live entertainment stage with special effects and lots of action.
The main purpose of a live adaptation is to widen the fan layer, to build a bridge between different means of expression, and to further prepare strategically before appearing on the international market. I would like the people who have never watched the anime to see it, and the fans of the original work who haven't seen many plays to enjoy it.
As with the live movie adaptation, I'm aware that people have mixed opinions. Especially when it comes to the casting, we'll strive to be as careful as we can, because we don't want to ruin the image of the original work and we don't want to offend the anime staff and the voice actors that brought the characters to life.
I'd really like the following people to see the play! (just an example) → "fans of the original work who are fed up of all the recent stage adaptations and discouraged", "people who are interested in plays but feel awkward going alone", "men who feel awkward going to see plays because they think the audience is mostly women", "families, couples, siblings who think lately they haven't gone out together much"... For example, a father that secretly got into T&B might go with his son, or a teenager that feels like since s/he started high school s/he hasn't been talking to his father (or mother) a lot and it would be a nice chance to go out together.
I know that it's really hard, but I would be incredibly happy to see something like this happen. Somehow, every time it tries to do something, T&B is always told "it's impossible", "you should give up" (^^;) The stage adaptation is a good chance to prove that it's indeed possible. You don't know until you try.
Actually, I wanted to announce the stage play after giving more information about the movie, which is what I think the fans are eagerly waiting for, but unfortunately I couldn't. Please wait until next week for more information about the movie.
Regarding the production of the movie, the staff of Sunrise's 6th studio, led by Murata P, are seriously struggling to give their best day and night. This work was originally an anime, and I sincerely understand that what fans really want is a new series. Please wait some more...!


I know the staff are doing the best, and considered what I've seen so far I do trust them, but I can't help having mixed feelings about the stage play. I think I'm among the "fans who are fed up with all these musicals of every anime ever made on earth and lost hope", lmao. Well, I'll go see it whenever it's out, but yeah, I hope it will be worth it :/ (I really wish they'd use the real voice actors to "dub" the action, that way I wouldn't complain at all, lmao)

Anyway, I'm looking forward to new info about the movie, as for the live stage we shall see 8D;

*goes back to work*
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