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Barnaby’s Memory

For clarity.
Barnaby’s memories have been altered 4 times that we know of.

1. When he was younger and Maverick replaced himself with a token shadow figure with an ouroboros tattoo on his right hand.
2. During Episode 7, when Barnaby vanishes after the Lunatic kills his lead to Ouroboros.
3. Episode 19 (obvious)
4. Episode 20, after Maverick gets off the phone with Tiger.

Elaboration follows; any that I’ve missed?

The first and last are obvious, but the the memory alteration that occurred during episode 7 has slipped past many, so I’ve included some screen shots and a background explanation.

When Barnaby’s memories of the past are first shown to us, there are almost no identifying features; the only primary feature, the tattoo, is what helps prove later that Jake was not the culprit. Maverick just chose a vague concept of Ouroboros to sic Barnaby on like a police dog.

The vague figure has a trench coat and Jake-ish hair fuzz.

Barnaby rage quits and vanishes throughout the first half of Episode 7 because Lunatic killed the criminal with the Ouroboros tattoo. Tiger, Fire Emblem, and even his boss Mr. Lloyds are unable to reach him the next day.

We can tell from Mr. Lloyds' comments that this has never happened before while Barnaby was employed with Apollon, suggesting this was the first time memory alteration occurred in the time span covered from Episode 1 to Episode 7.

When Barnaby finally re-appears in that odd passive state that makes Tiger stare because something’s clearly off, Maverick brings him back and introduces Tiger and Bunny to the revitalization chambers.

While inside, Barnaby’s memories are suddenly clearer. The figure’s features look more like Jake’s. The clothes have been altered to look like Jake’s when he was arrested by Mr. Legend, so he matches the photos in his criminal record (Although we know from Kreim’s flashbacks,back when Barnaby’s parents were murdered, his style was quite different; the images Maverick updates are easier to recognize with what Bunny will find on file).

Bunny is woken by his call bracelet, damning it because he almost clearly remembered.

That really is an odd ring by the way. Anyone need a detail shot for cosplay?

Two episodes later, when he encounters fire again and Kotetsu is holding the tazer, he wigs out and Handsome Escapes right through the roof. No surprise, since the memories were only just freshly implanted.

Episode 19 was episode 19 and everyone knows what happened there, I think.

Maverick hadn’t planned on getting rid of Kotetsu yet, just altering his memories as well, which is why the next alteration was necessary in Episode 20...

While Bunny is in Maverick’s house, eating dinner, Kotetsu calls and is the Slowest Detective about finding his own pin in the car. Maverick hangs up, gets the cool idea to erase Kotetsu, sits down...

...and doesn’t even bother drugging Bunny this time, presumably because he’s still in that sort of passive state (unclear if its sort of a drunken after effect of memory alteration, intentional emotional manipulation while Maverick was in his head, or if Maverick just has that effect on him), he just reaches over across the couch and casually glows blue. Its cool, just keep eating dinner Bunny. Y’know, no biggie e_e.

Yeah. Thoughts? Any other hints of other times this happened? Obviously there's that giant 10 month gap we know nothing about between cours, or the years before he became a Hero.

From Pash! #5: "Barnaby’s memory has been edited quite extensively; even the memories of his family are affected, though the sense of warmth there is real."

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