January 31st, 2012

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Rehoming Tigers

I made a bit of an error, and I'm hoping that someone else also has interest in one of these guys!
(I deleted the old post and figured it would be neater to keep track of)

Below you see an adorable old man, one that I had one too many of, and he wants to go home with you!
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Fanfic - Don't Stop Believin'


This is a set of drabbles inspired by Jouney's song "Don't Stop Believing". It's the first time I write characters other than Kotetsu and Barnaby (*is nervous). Hope you like it.

Title: Don't Stop Believing
Characters: Kotetsu, Barnaby, Kaede, Karina, Antonio, Pao Lin, Ivan, Yuri, Keith
Spoilers: each drabble title is identified with a time period (ex.: "after ep. 08") so you'll know.

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