July 12th, 2011


De-non'ing and Ivanstravaganza (fics)

The time has come... and this time, there is smut.

Two of four are smut. Two of four are sad. All but one are about Ivan.

Title: In a Second (link goes to AO3)
Rating: PG, worksafe
Characters: Kotetsu, Barnaby
Words: 1178
Summary: Since he lost his powers and retired, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi has changed. Barnaby's noticed.
Notes: T_T. From anonmeme.

Title: Be Yourself (link goes to AO3)
Rating: R, NSFW, Explicit
Characters: Kotetsu x Ivan x Barnaby (consensual threesome)
Words: 2920
Summary: Kotetsu and Barnaby decide spice of their love life and ask Ivan to join them. While Ivan is interested, he wonders exactly who they will want him to be...
Notes: Oh God, this. This is just 100% smut, okay? From anonmeme. Tons of Barnaby talkin' dirty. IDK.

Title: Opened Letters (link goes to AO3)
Rating: PG-13, mentions of suicide, extreme hurt/comfort
Characters: Ivan, Kotetsu, a little Barnaby
Words: 2536
Summary: The world crashes down on Ivan Karelin when he learns that Edward has killed himself in prison. Luckily, Kotetsu is there to comfort him.
Notes: This is what happens when I want to write Ivan crying. I'm a terrible person. This fic doesn't so much conclude as it does taper off with a series of chronological drabbles of dialogue as Ivan copes.

Title: Visitations (link goes to AO3)
Rating: R, NSFW
Characters: Ivan, Edward, minor other heroes
Words: 3882
Summary: Rebuilding a relationship with someone who spent years wanting to kill you can be a difficult journey. Especially when you wanted to let him. As big as their obstacles are, no obstacle will compare with the likes of what keeps Edward from freedom: Yuri Petrov.
Notes: ...and this is what happens when I want to write Ivan having sex with Edward while he's still in prison. At least this one has pretentions to plot. In progress!

❤ you, fandom.