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Fic: "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" Chapter 8/14

Title: A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Chapter Title: "Take Your Daughter To Work Day"
Characters & Pairings: Kotetsu/Barnaby, some Kotetsu/Tomoe, + ensemble
Rating: Explicit
Summary: The city was complicated and dangerous, everything shrouded in facades, and maybe it was no wonder someone like Barnaby who'd never known anywhere else would be so reluctant to trust anyone. Still Kotetsu could imagine nothing lonelier than the childhood he'd spent in a simpler place.
Notes: So it's been quite a while, but I put a lot of time and work into this fic and always wanted to come back to it sometime. This fic started on LJ but things are so dead here now I'm not sure I'll bother continuing to post it here, so if you want to keep following this story you can subscribe to me at AO3 or keep an eye on my Tumblr.

( Chapter 8 )

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Not a Second Season But New Stuff

In celebration of the 5th Tiger & Bunny anniversary this weekend (and yes, it really has been that long!) Sunrise have announced a blu-ray box set release of the series. This will include:

-The 1-9 drama CDs, that was released with each individual blu-ray volume in Japan. There will also be a newly written Drama CD and talk with this release.

-All the Monthly Heroes publications; a collection of interviews, PVs and CMs.

-The side Bunny and side Tiger specials that were released separately with the commentary DVDs.

-This will also include the English dub as an optional audio track.

This will be released in Japan on the 26th October at ¥30,000.

Check it out here.
Kotetsu's Judging EVERYONE.
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T&B One Shot: Audience

Title: Audience
Rating: R
Word Count: 1607
Pairing: Barnaby/Kotetsu, Antonio/Kotetsu, Barnaby/Kotetsu/Antonio (small mentions of Antonio/Kotetsu/Tomoe)
Topic: None
Type: Post series
Genre: Romance, Smut
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything from Tiger and Bunny. Tiger and Bunny belong to Sunrise and their respective creators.

Author's Notes: This is what you get when your best friend decides to smoosh OTPs together. RPing wise this is actually a really fun ship to work with believe it or not. I never would have thought I'd like this OT3 as much as I did.

Dedicated to the amazing Clarobell because you are made of awesome and you need some love.

Summary: There's an old saying that goes: "two's company, three's a crowd." Truth be told, Barnaby didn't really like the idea of sharing. Playing audience for their 'sexcapades' was supposed to be a learning experience to see what made their relationship tick. Instead Barnaby may have found himself getting way more than he bargained for.

The Story can be found on:



[Fic] NEXTs' Night Out

Title: NEXTs' Night Out
Word Count: About 11,000 in six chapters
Characters: Yuri Petrov, Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Relationships: Gen, no pairings
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Spoilers for series

Sequel to "One on One." Yuri Petrov and Barnaby Brooks Jr. try hanging out together and acting like a couple of adolescents, with varying degrees of success. There's bubble gum, NEXT powers, fart humor, and even a little serious discussion. Yuri-centric gen. Complete.

At AO3