zorosan (zorosan) wrote in tiger_and_bunny,

name your price- clearing my TB doujinshi collections

Rule is simple, you name the price that you want to pay for the doujinshi and you will get the book, but has to be integers.(so no decimals)

Lowsest price you can name is $1. This is not an auction, first come first serve!

Shipping will be calculated based on weight. If you pick a lot of books, I will probably go with priorty mail.

I'm donating all the money to an artist friend http://masterxeon1001.wordpress.com who recently lost his job. (I will provide the paypal receipt for proof)

So not only you are helping someone, you are also helping me clearing my book collections. (since I will be moving in 2 months)

If you need details on the book, please let me know. Thanks!

Tags: misc: advertisement, misc: selling
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